Hannity: Is the new FOX News program “fair and balanced”?

Definitely not.

Between mocking liberals and a lack of many opposing views, Sean Hannity’s new show is not fair and balanced. A conservative who¬†most often agrees with Hannity, I have a problem with this. FOX shouldn’t be able to keep their “Fair and Balanced” slogan with this show in their lineup. I propose that they moderate this program.

To mostly express one point of view without another is not helping FOX News. People are already doubting the fairness of the network, and this new show will only be used as proof of this.

More moderation can’t hurt.

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5 Comments on “Hannity: Is the new FOX News program “fair and balanced”?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I for one am very happy with the show Sean has at this time. It is much better than it was with the arrogance of Alan Colomes and his idiotic responses to guests and Sean. Don’t forget that Fox still has Geraldo and his left wing bias and liberal stance. I do not see anyone asking him for someone to balance out his side.

  2. Kate Says:

    I think Hannity Should NOT be balanced–it is a bookend for Keith Olberman. O’Reilly is balanced but in the same time slot as KO. I get tired of the over-hyped conservative stuff, too. However, I can’t BEAR to listen to KO. I hop Sean does fine, but I will miss Alan.

  3. sandra Says:

    are you joking????? everyone knows where sean stands, thank GOD we have him to expose obama and all that goes on in washington, how could you even say this, look at msnbc, cnn, anf for that matter the other networks, but msnbc is a disgrace, every show is all adoring, gushing over obama, not one negative thing ever is said about him, I love sean’s new show and look forward to it every night and by the latest ratings that were on drudge last night millions feel as I do. there is enough on FOX NEWS all day going overboard to be fair and balance, you are so wrong on this, at least he is nothing like that nutjob olbermann and matthews!!

  4. I like the show, but hope that FOX doesn’t become the MSNBC of the right. They don’t need that kind of rep.

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