Nadya Suleman- Living out her childhood dreams: with 14 children.

She’s unemployed, and already more than $50,000 in debt. She isn’t married, and has no way to support her children.┬áSome of these children have special needs. This is a disgrace. Utterly irresponsible. But not to some people.

Many people are sending her supplies she’ll need to support her new octuplets, which were artificially implanted. Why? She has brought this on herself and she expects society to support her?┬áBut unfortunately, we have to cooperate.

The government welfare system and unemployment benefits will allow this woman to never work a day in her life. She also recieves an unethical amount of food stamps and other government subsidies.

So, we must always remember that there are people out there that are voluntary unemployed mothers of too many that do not deserve welfare. Welfare by the government is often unjustly given. The proper alternative would be voluntary charitable giving: to only those whom you believe are actually in need.

If Nadya Suleman gets away with this, more people will do the same.

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