Ending Spending Rather Than Endorsing Failure

Even though we aren’t in any position to do this, I propose that the government end all subsidies and corporate welfare.

Essentially, these government expenditures are bailing out failing companies on a daily basis. Companies that can not survive on their own are not producing wealth. Instead, they are sucking it from the successful corporations.

By bailing out companies everyday, with subsidies and corporate welfare, progress is slowed and wealth is given away. It is not government’s responsibility to redistribute wealth among companies.

By letting these companies fail, we are opening the market up for companies that can really produce wealth. Instead, like carcasses, companies take up market space and do not produce.

By subsidizing failure, we get more failure.

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3 Comments on “Ending Spending Rather Than Endorsing Failure”

  1. Thomás Diego del Fuego Says:

    “Humans are just about the only species that I can think of who value the individual so greatly compared to the whole. I goes against the laws of survival of the fittest; by trying to keep everyone alive, the population does not improve over time where sacrafice is neccesary. It is one of our greatest assets; however, over time, it may be our downfall.”
    -Thomás Diego del Fuego

  2. I don’t think that it is that we are killing them as much as we are forcing them to survive. By taking companies off corporate welfare, we force them to sustain. Most companies are capable of surviving without welfare, but most do not think they can.

  3. Thomás Diego del Fuego Says:

    I never said we kill anyone. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t give them so much help that natural selection can’t remove them by itself.

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