Was Obama’s Press Conference Boring?

Conservative commentators often found Obama’s recent press conference boring. Liberal commentators did not. Alan Colmes asked O’Reilly if the press conference should have had Busby Berkeley dance-routine fountains? What would it take to have made it exciting?

While there is in fact a ridiculous obsession with style over substance these days, that’s not the issue with the press conference. The issue is whether Obama said anything that could not have been reasonably anticipated. Excitement from press conferences derives from the revelation of new facts, new analysis, or new conclusions. “Boring” means a repetition of things already said. Bonus boredom derives from repetition within the press conference, so even if you hadn’t heard it before and couldn’t anticipate it, the second or third time it is boring.

Thus, the assertion that spending on health care or green energy is really not spending, but rather “investment” is unquestionable boring. There cannot be a sentient being in the nation who has not heard that before. By contrast, Obama’s comment that he though the elation associated with electing a Black president lasted “about a day” was interesting. It was not a standard talking point.

So why did Liberals find the press conference so interesting? Because repetition of articles of faith is stimulus for the faithful. It is the same reason why an evangelist preacher can quote a line of scripture repeatedly, and receive an enthusiastic “Amen, brother!” from the flock every time. The enthusiasm derives not from the novelty, but from contemplation of the enduring truth. Similarly, school pep rallies do not obtain excitement from analytical dissection of the merits and demerits of the opposing teams. Excitement derives from repetition of what is believed.

Obama’s press conference was boring to Conservatives because it contained very little that was new. It was exciting to Liberals because it reaffirmed their beliefs.

A critic might ask, if, for the reasons cited, there are boring conservative pundits. Alas, there are.

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