“Atlas Shrugged”

I attended a local teaparty, one of apparently thousands across the United States. The newspaper estimated that 500 people would attend our protest; 5,000 people attended.

The atmosphere was wonderful. People were all around me, all frustrated at the continuous growth of government and the direct and indirect taxation of our people. They were frustrated at the growth of the public debt.

Kevin Brady, our congressman, spoke at our teaparty. He spoke of lowering taxes and of limited government. Ironically, he had voted for TARP. Many of us were yelling at him, “Why’d you vote for TARP?”, or “Why’d you vote for the bailouts?” Justice was served, and our voice was heard.

As this ripples throughout the country, we shall see what effect this will have in the long run. Many networks have given this protest little or no radio time, even though it is the largest single-day protest in the history of the United States.

This was a necessary step in the direction of revolution.

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2 Comments on ““Atlas Shrugged””

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  2. Thomás Diego del Fuego Says:

    I wish that I got to go, but the traffic was horrible…

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