Did revealing the “torture” memos cause harm?

There was not too much new in the memos. We all knew that waterboarding had been used, and that seems to be more of an issue than the revelation that a caterpillar, pre-certified as harmless, was used to scare a terrorist.

The harm is making it abundantly clear that there is negligible downside risk to being a terrorist. Before making it official and pounding the point home through international publicity, terrorists had some reason to worry about being caught. Sure, the New York Times had given assurances, but there existed the possibility that the CIA was not totally on board with the new era of comfort and kindness. Now that that risk has been removed.

A terrorist who cuts of heads for TV sport and bombs school children faces no discomfort, and he has the President Obama’s absolute guarantee of that. He has no need to talk about anything, because he knows that no discomfort awaits his refusal. He will get good food, the best medical care, and all his religious needs met, so he can pray daily for the death of all of those he hates. He is perfectly free to collect his feces and throw it at the guards, a regular activity at GITMO; nothing to cause him discomfort can ever be done to him. He may be in jail temporarily, until it becomes clear that no forensic evidence was collected on the battlefield, at which time he can go back to killing people, recharged and refreshed by a comfortable stay at the expense of taxpayers.

The standard of “no discomfort” is imposed by the Army field manual, the standards of which have been extended by the Obama Administration to all captured terrorists. Moreover, we now know that putting a harmless caterpillar in a cell with a terrorist is torture in violation of the Geneva Convention provisions designed to protect innocent civilians and now applied to terrorists.

Our current Attorney General, Eric Holder, said in a 2002 interview with CNN that he believed that the Geneva conventions did not apply to captured terrorists  Obviously, he has recently been reeducated and is now a born again Liberal. So the question is, can he now be prosecuted for his previous opinions? At least in deserves a full investigation, right?

There are some opinions to which a person has no right, according to current Liberal theology.

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