Iran's Facade of Democracy

Iranian Democracy Is Like Fascism: The People Are Told What to Believe Happened

Iran’s government (ran by Ahmadinejad) declared Ahmadinejad the winner of the election with 85% of the vote count… Many of the members of the West have voiced skepticism. Says a Republican Representative from California,

There appears to be pretty good evidence that this is a cooked election

He is justified in saying this, as supporters of declared runner-up Mir Hossein Mousavi are now seen protesting and rioting in the streets of Iran. Mir Hossein Mousavi has declared himself the landslide victor and popular belief is that the election result has been tainted. 

I believe it is a fair conclusion to declare that Iranian Democracy is corrupt. It is, perhaps, also fair to say that something must be done. The United Nations has not taken any steps to rectify the situation, and as violence in Iran increases, the situation can only get worse.

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7 Comments on “Iran's Facade of Democracy”

  1. Iranian Says:

    The United State’s and Europe’s governmnet are corrupt as well. Inform yourself about the real ruler in your country. Inform yourself about the federal reserve system, and how bankers gained controll about both parties, the media and thus your foreign policy. That’s not a conspiracy theory, its fact. Watch “America: from freedom to facism” – watch “the money masters” watch “terrorstorm”. Read “the israel lobby”
    The United States have overthrown iranian president mossadeq ’53 and then they have re- installed the shah as dictator. Thus, they have crushed a REAL DEMOCRATY in the middle east, not even for the first time!
    And they also supported the islamists in the second, the islamic revolution in order to keep out the soviejts. And now they help our regime to keep the facade of the “evil enemy” united states. Iranians have the right to use atomic energy. They know that the US is threatening them, they know that the US supported saddam in the Iran- iraq war and that US weapons have killed millions of iranians. They know that you support the terrorist, aphartheid state of israel, an occupying force who have comitted a genocide in palestine, are using illegal weapons, threatening iran. The people know it so chomeini could keep the facade, and the US could keep iran a weak country. but now the people recodnize this facade and resist. In iran, today. Recodnize your own facade in the United states, and vote for real change. Vote Ron Paul, vote Dennis kucinch! Death to the bilderberg conference. Death to Rockefeller, Warbourg, the Zionists, and all people who want to steal your freedom, your liberties, equality…. vote for REAL change

  2. I wasn’t alive in the fifties, and I don’t endorse plenty of historical policy decisions.

    I do not endorse your comment, but I do not believe in deleting or hiding it either.

  3. I don’t believe this is a hard topic to cover. The truth of the matter is, and will always be, Ahmadinejad is seeking Nuclear weapons. It is only logical to keep Iran from having Nuclear power as long as Ahmadinejad is in office. It is unacceptable for a leader of a growing nation to threaten to “Wipe Israel Off The Face Of The Map”. My friend, your view has been effected by the propaganda methods of the far left, you are dead wrong. The land is rightfully Israels and has been since the beginning of recorded history. Iran is equivalent to North Korea and its strive to end South Korea via nuclear nations. We cannot allow nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue leaders, no matter what you feel their’ rights are.

  4. RE: Labiosa

    I am assuming that you were referring to “Iranian”, as this article was not about Israel.

  5. MTGAP Says:

    The election has been statistically proven to be weighted.

    In a fair election, you’d expect that each digit, from 0 to 9, would be the final digit the results in each region roughly ten percent of the time: you’d see a vote count like 12,437 just as often as 12,435. But in fact certain digits come up more often: The numbers look suspicious. We find too many 7s and not enough 5s in the last digit. We expect each digit (0, 1, 2, and so on) to appear at the end of 10 percent of the vote counts. But in Iran’s provincial results, the digit 7 appears 17 percent of the time, and only 4 percent of the results end in the number 5. Two such departures from the average — a spike of 17 percent or more in one digit and a drop to 4 percent or less in another — are extremely unlikely. Fewer than four in a hundred non-fraudulent elections would produce such numbers.

  6. MTGAP Says:

    I meant to have quote tags in my previous post.

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