Quoth Foir

“Throwing money at a wall doesn’t move it.”

“I am waiting to see this Reagan I was promised in Obama.”

“Capitalism works because it manipulates inevitable human greed in a manner that benefits society.”

“There are only three aspects of government that help the economy. These are the liscence and copyright system, the justice system, and the education system. Innovative protection must be global; education must be local; justice must be spread out. All other government has a negative effect on the private sector.”

“If the United States is to fall from its greatness, it will be at the hands of Cap and Trade.”

“Is it necessary to destroy the minority in order to ease the pains of the majority?”

“We are endlessly handing our liberty over to authority and then wondering why we’re in recession.”

“The economy works best when the money is changing hands quickly. The more we preach recession, the worse it gets.”

“There is no objective truth, but there is subjective perception.”

“If the upper class is funding the entire government, then we have socialism.”


One Comment on “Quoth Foir”

  1. Thomás Diego del Fuego Says:

    “‘Living in unlimited democracy is like being a slave with half of the population for an owner.'”


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