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Obama Recieves Infamous Honor

February 22, 2009

Person of the Year Award has also been given to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin (twice), Vladimir Putin, and the environment.

What does this mean? Well, Time Magazine has not always been the best at making decisions. Al Gore was close to winning in 2007, only to be beaten out by Vladimir Putin, who later invaded Georgia and threatened to cut off oil exports to the West.

In 1988, Time gave their award to ‘The Endangered Earth’.

The year Stalin and Hitler divided Poland amongst themselves and started the bloodiest war to date, Stalin was given the Man of the Year Award. Little did the West know, the Great Purge was killing off his dissenters.

During the years of appeasement, Hitler recieved this same honor. During this same time, he was moving the ‘inferiors’ to labor camps and then to the showers.

Even though Ronald Reagan and other great leaders have also recieved this award, we know that this award isn’t necessarily a good thing for Obama to have on his resumé.