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Swine Flu Hysteria: Over-exaggerated?

May 1, 2009

In a few years, we’ll look back at this sickness and laugh. We’ll remember all of the schools that were closed and all of the media attention to what was guessed to be the next great “pandemic”.

Schools across the country seem to be closing on the premise that some students “might have” this flu.However, the reality is quite different. Some people that have analysed this virus are now speculating that H1N1 may actually be “mild”.

Many people are panicking too. People in Houston who experience any flu symptoms immediately assume that their flu is H1N1.

While over a hundred Mexican citizens have died of this flu, there seems to be little threat of pandemic. Most transportation to Mexico has been cut off and we are seeing plenty of preventive action. A vaccine is expected to be ready in less than a month.

So, in a few years, we will look back at this moment and smile to ourselves, asking, “What were we thinking?”