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We've Been Duped: Iranians Test Launch Longest Range Missile Yet

May 21, 2009
The Iranians now have missiles capable of traveling 1200 to 1500 miles.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates reports that the missile was successfully tested. He says that the missile fired was a relatively short range missile, when compared with other missiles that Israel is said to have.

Secretary of State Clinton claims that Iran’s nuclear capabilities are a serious threat. But more importantly, what does this mean? It means we’ve been duped. For several years, we bough the lies that Iran was developing nuclear warheads for nuclear energy. We’ve been tricked into believing that Iran is some harmless ally. And for some reason, we believed it.

Perhaps the press manipulated this story to keep the population calm. I haven’t seen the press claiming that they are a serious threat at all. This event wasn’t really headline news…

Iran continues to be lethal, and it seems that no amount of negotiation will get them to change their minds.