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Earth Day Irony

April 23, 2009

Earth Day was established in 1970 to raise awareness and to combat the cooling trends that would eventually lead to the next ice age. Such an ice age would have been caused by pollution and result in the growth of glaciers that would eventually cover the earth.

Forty¬†years later, with a warming trend, science has changed its mind. Suddenly, we are on the verge of some global warming that would have similar problems. Apparently, when there is a trend of warming, we are to expect that to continue indefinitely. Further, it is also man’s fault.

Well, the alarmists have always made similar arguments: whether it was overpopulation, global warming, global freezing, global flooding, or nuclear fallout, they all have similarities.

  1. Long term consequences
  2. Caused by man
  3. Man must take immediate corrective action
  4. That action involves government

Indeed, it is necessary to analyze the aspects of such alarmism. First, most alarmism is based off of a false assumption. For example, the assumption that population will continue to increase forever if government does not interve is false. As civilizations get more advanced, the populations naturally start to produce less children and the birthrates decrease. We have seen this in many European countries, Italy in particular.

The false assumption that triggers such feelings about global warming are the beliefs that carbon dioxide has a significant greenhouse effect and that man contributes a significant amount of carbon dioxide. While man produces billions of tons of carbon dioxide, leading to an anual temperature increase of about 0.009 degress Celcius a year, a single volcanic eruption can change the world climate by 0.5 degrees Celcius. Volcanic eruptions produce a vast quantity of greenhouse gasses.

Greens will go to extremes to curb the potential of man.