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Democrat-Controlled Legislatures Affirm Bill to Allow Conceiled Carry in National Parks

May 21, 2009

The Senate voted 67-29 and the House voted 279-147 for this bill.

While this seems a wonderful headline, it was simply an add-in compromise to get a bill regulating the credit card industry passed. This gun rights for regulation trade seems fair to the NRA, but even these new gun rights seem to worry the National Rifle Association. Says a spokesman for the NRA, “anything can happen”. This spokesman anticipates some “ghost” in the bill that may restrict or prevent this new expansion of ownership rights.

The NRA may fear some trick in the bill, but there isn’t much else to fear from this newly passed legislation, which also “cracks down” on credit card fees. It entails regulations that keep companies from issuing 18 year-olds credit cards and that keeps credit card companies from “double-cycling” and increasing interest rates as they please.

While such regulations are seemingly harmless, more are said to come. The purpose of these regulations is to soften the legislature for a more burdensome “salvo”.

Seeing as more regulations are coming, when this next round comes, we must do our best to fight it.

Too Late Now.

February 14, 2009

Well, the pork pack passed the senate last night.

Obama will sign the bill in two days.

It is important to point a few things out:

Not one bit of it will permanently help the economy. Parts will not take effect for years. Most of it directs federal money to construction, which of course dumps money into the construction industry, creating  jobs. But these jobs are only temporary. And afterward, we have a bankrupt nation and a bunch of beautiful empty buildings.

When we divide the 789,000,000,000 dollar pork pack between the 15,000,000+ doctors, lawyers, and businessmen that compose the top 5% income group in our country,we notice something: This pork alone costs 1 out of 20 people $52,600 dollars. And this is only the first step. We need to remember that this $52,600 is coming from people that make as little as $250,000 a year. Many of these people are already having trouble paying their mortgage and keeping their business alive.

So, comrades, even though this isn’t directly hurting you and you can now enjoy an extra $8-13 a week, remember: more jobs are going to be cut. Inflation will skyrocket.

But don’t worry. Change is coming.