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Harriet Beecher Stowe

March 18, 2009
Part 2 of a new series identifying those responsible for the corruption of the constitution and capitalism.

Though Stowe has recently been painted as a loving abolitionist, her lies lead to a brutal war which ultimately made black life worse.

Her Crimes

Lincoln acknowledged Stowe as the monger of the Civil War:

 So you’re the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war!

She was raised by abolitionists. She was born in Connecticut, and spent a little time in Ohio before moving to Maine. She never saw slavery herself; she knew only what her parents had told her.

Angered by the Fugitive Slave Act, she wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The book depicted slavery as cruel and masters as evil demons. While some actually were, and doubtless the slaves she had talked to had had such masters, it is most unlikely that the large majority of slave owners were cruel. In fact, southerners rejected Uncle Tom’s Cabin, calling it slanderous and a misrepresentation.

However, Yankees who had not actually seen slave life were moved by its imagery. The abolitionist movement spread, causing many Yankees to hate the South, and angering many southerners.

The result of this sectionism was secession, which would have included much of the West as well as the South if Lincoln had not taken action to stop Western legislatures from voting on secession (proving once again that slavery did not cause the Civil War, but it did contribute to the sectional divide that did).

Before Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the Civil War was avoidable, and after long enough, slavery would have ended peacefully. Instead, the forced emancipation lead to only sharecropping and grudges that would lead to racism and segregation.

Next in this glorious series: Andrew Johnson.

War Erupts In The Middle East

January 6, 2009

It was only a matter of time.

The state of Israel covers much of the Islamic holy land. Recently, the terrorist group, Hamas fired missiles into Israel from the Gaza strip. Israel retaliated as any nation would towards an act of war and invaded the Gaza strip with full force: tanks, surgical strikes, and a land invasion. They have had much progress and have all but eliminated the terrorist threat in Gaza.

However, like in all great military movements, there is an opposition. The U.N., lead by France, is trying to coax Israel into peace. On the contrary, Israel needs to find and destroy any terrorist group with the capability of firing missiles into its homeland.

The results of this offensive could grow though. Many nations support the actions of Hamas and may use this as an excuse to attack Israel. Among these, Iran has already announced plans to bomb Israel. Iran’s nuclear industry is developing and may be capable of war. However, a larger war will seem unlikely as time progresses.

When looked at in detail, we’re looking at a much more dire situation than advertised on the news. It’s only just begun.